Monday, June 19, 2006

Making memories

I often find myself wondering where our camera is and wanting to snap some shots at our baby geniuses. I have those moments where it hits me that they're learning something new everyday and they're always so proud of themselves, as they should be! We're proud of them, too, and hope that even though we don't have pictures of everything
that we'll still remember these times and how precious
they are.

Happy Daddy's Day

Our Father's Day went pretty well. I was kinda nervous because we were in charge of dinner- the turkey shrunk a lot when it thawed, SOMEONE put too much milk in the mashed potatoes :) and the frog eye salad was lacking in flavor.....but the raspberry yogurt pie was delish! All in all everything was great.

Owen tried crawling through the chair but found himself stuck! They often try fitting through tight spaces only to find their little bellies are actually big bellies and can't fit!

We got my dad a digital picture frame, he thought it was pretty cool and will be taking it to work to show off his grandkids!

Nick got a book I made him with pictures of him and the boys over the past year. I hope he liked it :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Owen's Hangout

Owen is constantly crawling into thing lately, his favorite is the basket under his high chair. Others include the laundry basket, the cupboards, inside the bars of an overturned chair, and one of the shelves on our computer desk.

If only they were girls :)

This is after their bath the other night, pretty cute. They also like to wear mom's beaded neclaces around the house and at church :)

Beach in Idaho?

Last night we headed out to the sand dunes outside of Rexburg. The first time we took the boys they loved it, but we didn't have the camera. This time we had the camera but they didn't have as much fun because it was pretty windy! Oh well, such is life. They have scooped handfuls of sand into their mouths a few times to test it out only to find it very displeasing. The close-ups are pictures right after eating the sand. There's no ocean but it's as close as we're gonna get anytime soon!