Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It really is the best way to have a pet, I think. I imagine it's similar to being a grandparent- it's fun while it lasts but it's always nice to send them home afterwards! This is "Plumber" Ellie's hampster and we're watching him for 10 days while they're having some fun in the sun in San Diego- wish I were, too! He's staying in the laundry room and all we have to do is feed him before we go to bed, not too bad. The boys love him and always have to say hi to him every morning and night but they really don't care to touch him. That's probably a good thing, though, since I don't have to worry about them squishing him a little too hard- if you know what I mean.

And yes, Jack's wearing Christmas jammies because they're just about his absolute favorite ones- even though they're tight as can be on him!

Monday, July 28, 2008

You can call me Betty

There have been several occasions that I've taken little goodies to work since I started full time a few months ago. Well, it didn't take long for the girls in the office to start calling me "Betty" whenever I'd bring something in. I made these oreo truffles this morning for a guy that's leaving us. They may not be that spectacular looking (I'm working on that) but they are definitly spectacular tasting! The only thing the girls at work don't know is that the only cooking I excel at is sweets, you should see what we had for dinner tonight- cheese sandwhiches and peas, interesting combination huh?

Monday, July 14, 2008

They LOVE to talk

Lately Owen and Jack have been so funny to listen to. I absolutely love that they can talk so well and never before have I been more thankful that I have twins because I would be expected to answer a whole lot more than I have to! It's pretty funny to go through all these phases with them. They'll get set on a few different words and that's all you'll hear for a few days. Last week was awesome because suddenly they asked for everything instead of just assuming they can do whatever they want (which they're not back to doing)! "Can Owen..." Can Jack..." EVERYTHING! This week they say "actually" a lot. On the way to the pool they were talking back and forth trying to decide what color the pool was. "Actually, the pool is blue" "No, actually, it's red" "No, Owen, actually it's white". So funny, where do these things come from? Then when we got home I was in the kitchen cleaning up and they came up to me like this...

"What color are my eyes mom?" "What kind of eyes does Jack and Owen have?" They're at such a fun age where they constantly come up with all these questions that I would never think to ask them. They also have an explanation for everything. For example; we always have to drive by the hospital and look at the life flight helicopter (which tyey call the sick helicopter because we told them it helps sick people get better). Tonight on our way home from the pool it wasn't at the hospital and very matter of factly Owen says the sick helicopter was tired and went to bed and that's why we couldn't see it. It's nights like tonight that make me so grateful I get to share my life with such sweet souls. I'm so thankful to my father in heaven for being so persistent in getting them to our family. I wish we lived closer to all our family so that you could all experience these same sweet memories along with us.

Sum sum summertime!

With how the previous two summers have been I was beginning to lose faith that my boys would ever enjoy being in the water. Every time we'd try to get them to swim or play in the sprinklers it end in with the boys in tears and Nick and I frustrated and annoyed! What kid doesn't like the water? Once again, this year hadn't been going very well- no interest in the blow up pool I brought home for them, they lasted less than ten minutes in a three foot pool at their cousins house, and I practically had to throw them in the sprinkler out at my parents' house! The other day the girls at work were talking about the local pool being half price Monday nights and that happens to be one of the nights Nick has school and I hate being home all night trying to entertain the boys. So, I finally did it, I took them to the pool tonight and amazingly they loved it! I am so excited to know that they actually liked being in the water today and neither of them threw a fit about it! It's the funnest little wading pool for kids with a slide, squirt toys, and tire swing. You know where we'll be every Monday night!

We've had a birthday!

Okay okay so it was over a week ago now that we had this birthday but you know how it goes. My hubby turned 28! Yay for birthdays! Even though the special day landed on a Sunday we managed to have a pretty great day and Nick even got to enjoy two of his most favorite things to eat. Can you name them? Both of them are pretty obvious things- and they really were great! Steak for dinner and pineapple upside down cake for desert. Yum! I just had to show off my cooking skills- especially since I only make this kind of cake once a year :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More weekend fun

We had such a blast this past weekend! It didn't hurt that I had a four day weekend from work, either. We mostly hung out with friends and family at Bret & Ashlee's beautiful new home.

It was great to relax, let the kids play, and spend some time with people we don't see very often. As you can all see, I'm no great photographer and half the weekend I forgot I even had my camera with me!

Holiday Weekend

Great food

Great people

Great fireworks