Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rough Road

Not long after Nick started working for Fidelity we realized that to really move up in the company he'd have to transfer to a branch instead of staying at the phone site. This also meant that we'd eventually have to move. He would often look at which cities were hiring, nothing too serious though. Earlier in the year a friend he worked with transferred to a branch in Seattle and has loved it from the start. About two months ago he told Nick another branch in the area was hiring and he could get Nick an interview. Nick mentioned it to me but it was such a brief conversation I didn't think much of it, it was basically "Hey Kara, what do you think about living in Seattle? (me) Uh, I don't love Seattle, I don't want to live there." A week later he had an interview and shortly after was offered the job! It was such a fast thing that it just never came together very smoothly. We were both still working right up until the move so every spare minute was put towards packing and finding a place to live. It was incredibly stressful to have our entire life packed into a moving truck with no where to move into. The kids were super excited to spend a few days in Idaho with my parents while Nick and I drove to Washington to try to figure things out. A couple days later I flew back to Utah and then drove up to Idaho and the kids and I headed out the next day, still with no house to go to. After living at a sketchy hotel for another week (it did have a pool!) we finally found a house! So we've been here about a month now and things are slowly getting back to normal. Boxes are unpacked, but we're lacking some important furniture. The boys are sleeping on the floor for now until we find them a bunk bed. And we sold our couches before we moved so, for now, two lovely camp chairs will have to do. But we have a house and we're together so we're making the best of it. Washington is certainly different than Utah, I actually miss it. I think I mostly miss the familiarity and ease of getting around in Utah. I can't go anywhere here without using GPS and more often than not google maps doesn't quite work. I don't know how to recycle and the trash can is tiny and only is taken every week so that's something I need to quickly adjust to. It's only rained two days so far but those two days were pretty rough! I'll need to figure out what to do with kids on rainy days. Kids are happy here, they're excited to start 3rd grade in a couple weeks and Nick is really liking his new job. So, all in all it's going pretty well and I'm glad for that. I really do hope we come to love it here because I'm tired of moving!