Friday, December 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Nedra!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

I love you, I hope you like my picture and I’m sorry I can’t go to your birthday. Today is Friday and we will have a treat and movie, sorry you can’t come. I love you, Bye.


Wawa’s Happy to you!


Dear Grandma Ned, Happy Birthday to you! I wish I could go to your birthday, but I can’t because I have school. So, I am sending you a picture and wishing you a happy birthday.


I just can't say enough how much we love and appreciate Grandma Ned. From day one she has been completely supportive and interested in our lives. From planning a wedding reception for us to traveling overnight to see our new born babies in the hospital to sending the funnest packages for each and every holiday, she's truly amazing. Although we only see her a couple times a year she has made a point to know her grand kids and to keep up with our lives. I have always appreciated how much she does to keep us (mainly me :) informed on everything happening in the family, as well. Ned, you will always be my favorite mother-in-law!

Nedra and Owen while we were in Oregon for Christmas in 2006

In the Provo NICU

Leyla's blessing

In Rexburg for Jack and Owen's 2nd birthday

Good Luck Santa!

Santa may not come through on these Christmas lists this year!

The boys helped Leyla decide what to put on her list. She finds that dang drum playing Elmo at every single store we go to, sits down in front of it and just stares in amazement!

As you can tell, Owen doesn't like to put much effort into his writing, something we're desperately trying to change. I'll help you out a little. He wants a yellow remote control plane, a pogo stick, a scooter, a skateboard, a computer, and a jet pack (because what little boy doesn't want a jet pack?)

And then we have sweet Jack who actually put some effort into his Christmas list. He wants a rubber T-Rex, a number two Batman castle (he got one for his birthday and now there's another one), a ninja sword (I didn't know they used swords), a remote control shark, and a Crayola glow dome.

Does Santa ever send back the lists stamped "re-do"?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

All Smiles

Aunt Kenzie took some really cute shots of all the kids at Brad and Jenn's wedding, love them!

Friday, July 08, 2011

A Bonding Moment

Heather really did pull it out eventually but I didn't get it on camera,
Jack didn't even know it had come out yet, so funny!

Make it Snappy!

We made a quick trip to Utah earlier this week to celebrate some pretty big events!

First, was fireworks at Grandma Murph's house for 4th of July. Aunt Heather even lit some off in the rain for the boys, we love our great aunts!

Next, was Nick's 31st birthday. He came back down to Springville after work Tuesday and we had birthday dinner with Grandma and opened some gifts from the kids. On Wednesday we met him and uncle Brad at Tucanos Brazillian Grill for lunch, which was delicious, as always.

The kids and I hung out at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake while we waited for dad to get off work. We played at the Children's Discovery Center for most of the afternoon then cooled off in the fountains afterwards. It was a really great day.

Scherer Family Reunion

We recently had our Scherer family reunion at the West Piney Girls Camp. It was so much fun seeing all our family that we rarely get to see. It was beautiful the entire time we were there, perfect weather. There was no chance to get bored, either. There was a ton of stuff to do. The cabin is up on a hill and down below is a huge field for baseball and other sports, swings, outdoor bowling lane, hiking trails, and a huge slide to get there! I swear I never saw my boys unless they were hungry or time for bed, it was great!

GO Green Monsters!

This was the first summer we've put the boys in soccer...and it will most likely be the last! For the most part it was miserable. Every single game, except for the last, they would both be in tears at some point.

They couldn't run fast enough, they never got the ball, the other team always got to kick the ball, they were tired, they were cold, it was too windy!

Neither of them were very aggressive in trying to get to the ball and kick it. BUT! They both managed to score a goal at some point during the season, they loved bring treats and drinks when it was our turn, they got trophies, and absolutely no tears during the final game! Yay!

We're not giving up on sports just yet. Maybe they're not soccer players but there's got to be something they'll end up loving! They really want to try baseball next... and karate and gymnastics, and roller skating, and swimming.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

House For Sale

We're headed to Salt Lake. So we're selling our house.

We've got a separate blog for it at It is incomplete but has the basic stuff on there.

Feel free to offer suggestions.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Number 6

Yesterday was Owen and Jack's sixth birthday!
Boy did we party hard!

Friday evening Papa Brent and Grandma Jodi came to spend the night with us. They took us all out for a birthday dinner to Texas Roadhouse. It's the boys' favorite place to eat, they love steak, 1-A sauce (as they call it) and throwing peanut shells on the ground. Afterwards we went to see 'Mars Needs Moms' and they were thrilled that we were going to the "BIG theater" and not the little $2 theater their cheap parents usually take them to. So we all stayed up way too late and were super excited for the next day and the big party.
It was their first party with friends, and they both loved it all. We had two cakes, two half-gallons of ice cream, two dozen cans of soda, five pizzas, and eleven kids. The kids started out by coloring their paper (goody) bags. Then they did a treasure hunt, which included dropping parachute men off the loft ledge, popping balloons filled with candy, running out to find a surprise in the mailbox, and decoding secret messages. There was a game of pin the fin on the shark, and finally, before cake and presents, the kids drew all over the sidewalk with chalk. The party went very well, despite our house being super crowded. It was fun to spoil the boys, they both got lots of presents that they wanted: Owen got his hamburger play-doh, Jack got his Batman castle (and Superman cake), they both got baseball bats and balls, coloring books, kites, action figures, and race cars, among other things. This was the first time that we've bought them totally different things, before we would always just get two of everything. It's fun to see how different they're becoming.

I can't help but reminisce about that day 6 years ago. I actually don't remember a whole lot about what happened but it certainly didn't go as planned. It's amazing that they both had so few problems at birth and that there were no lasting effects on them, despite being born so early. Now they're 6, they're at the top of their classes in school, they can read and we love them dearly. They don't look that tiny in this picture but combined they only weighed 7 pounds! I can't believe I was bigger during my pregnancy with one kid than I was with twins. We were so naive back then.