Sunday, March 29, 2009

You knew I was pregnant right?

We've gotten a few comments from people we don't hear from too often that didn't know we were having another baby so I thought I'd post a picture to make sure there was no doubt in everyone's mind! And even though I certainly look like I'm due any day (and plenty of people remind me of that everyday!) this was taken at about 27 weeks (I'll be 30 weeks this week). 

The Nursery!

My husband is incredible! While I was in San Diego he got started on the nursery and totally surprised me. I kept thinking that we'd never get anything started until it was actually time for her to be born, we've been so busy lately. I've been pretty frustrated that nothing seems to be coming together, we hadn't started the nursery, we're no where near having her named, I haven't picked out bedding, I haven't even gone shopping for her yet! And now I am so excited that something is happening and that it will be completed (fingers crossed) before she comes! There's still quite a bit to do, though. We need to patch up all the seams in the wood, get it sanded down smooth, and a whole lot of painting. There's also that part of the room where we didn't do paneling and it sits back a couple feet, we're planning on putting in some built in storage there and a built in changing table. Maybe this means all the other stuff will start coming together, too. So excited! 

San Diego

I was sent to San Diego this past week for a work conference and I was lucky enough to have my mom come with me. I couldn't believe the sun still exists! It was incredibly beautiful. I'm never great about taking pictures so there's not much to show but I really did have a great time. We stayed at The Omni Hotel, which was easily the nicest place I've ever stayed. We found some yummy places to eat, good dessert, did some shopping, walked around some great little tourist shops on the bay, and just enjoyed not having to wear a coat!