Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Valuable Lessons

If you ask Jack or Owen what they want to eat for any particular meal they normally have one of two responses 1. NOODLES! and 2. PANCAKES! I went with noodles for dinner last night. I spent most of the meal trying to teach them to eat their spaghetti over their bowl so that the noodles didn't get all over them and the table...and do you see any noodles on the table by Owen? No! Jack on the other hand...failed, if only I had taken a picture of that one.

Our Little Home

Even though I'm still in the process of getting Christmas stuff up I thought I'd get some pictures posted of our new place while it's somewhat clean! The dishes in the sink are even clean! Here's the inside of our front door, pretty exciting stuff...
Here's the front room...not quite sure where to hang up our stockings though. Last year I finally bought cute hangers for them but now I have no place to put them. Overall we're pretty happy with where we are (except for the heating bills we haven't had to pay until now!) and it's kinda nice not having such a huge place to clean up!
As you can see, Owen tried to get into every picture I took, if only he would smile. Off from the front room is the dining area/kitchen and that door leads to our 5x5 ft concrete slab a.k.a. the backyard.
Not a great shot but this was taken from the front door so you can kinda see the layout of the house.
And here's Jack and Owen's "space room" that is hardly done. It's harder to make a cute room when you have to stick with stark white walls.
So there's more rooms in the house but that's the end of the clean ones :) they're not very important anyways. And even though we no longer have a guest room we have awesome couches to sleep on if anyone wants to come visit!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday afternoon out

We've been wanting to get some family pictures done for a while now and it's getting colder every day so we thought we'd go have a nice day out and take some finally. Not sure if they'll make the Christmas card but they're not bad! This is Owen's usual face, can you feel the love?

I think the beginning of winter in Idaho is especially ugly with nothing on the trees and all the color fading away. Maybe when we get some snow we'll get some better shots....except then we'll all be in coats and hats.

The Many Faces of...

Who knew these two little guys could have so many different moods! I think having 2 two year olds is about as close as I'm ever gonna get to having a girl! One minute they're happy and laughing about everything and the next minute one of them is screaming and stomping his feet while the other is sobbing and pounding his fists into the floor. It's hard to find the joy in parenting at these moments. But when I get moments like these pictures somehow it doesn't matter anymore. And YES I've gotten their hair cut since these were taken!