Sunday, January 23, 2011

Michael Finnagain Beginagain

I feel like all we ever do is start over and begin again. We have been married for six years and there has never really been a time where we weren't waiting for the next school semester. A new semester, a new schedule, a new beginning, every four months. It's exhausting. I'm two weeks into this semester and I just can't get into it yet. Every day I have a different schedule with school and work, it's hard to keep straight and to remember which building I need to be in each day. I come home and the first thing the boys ask is if I'm done with work and school yet. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. They want me home, they want me to play with them; I want to be home and I want to play with them, too. I try to make my time with them count. I try to play with them, to let them talk on and on and ask questions and tell me stories because they have plenty to say. One thing both the boys love to do is help out in the kitchen and they had been asking to make pizza for a few weeks so we finally tried it out. We had never done it before and about half way through I realized I didn't have a plan B if they turned out awful, thankfully it didn't matter because they were pretty dang delicious.

If you've seen Jack's school picture this year you know this is his trademark smile, if you can really call it a smile. Neither of the boys can smile very well on cue, it's funny.

Leyla mostly ate olives.

Watching daddy spin the pizza in the air.

Owen says he wants to be a pizza guy when he grows up...
I'm pretty sure this one landed on the floor.

So, another week starts tomorrow. What will it bring? A review for my first A&P exam, for one, and a quick trip to Provo, for another. Two days off from work, hopefully some visiting teaching since it's my last week for January, and a very special 96th birth day party for my sweet great grandma next Sunday. Throw in school for the boys, homework, home teachers, grocery shopping, never ending laundry and a shower here and there and welcome to our life.