Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BIG Helpers

I forgot I had these pictures. A couple weeks ago we were getting ready for bed and the boys decided they wanted to do everything. They picked out their jammies, their diapers (yes, they have an incredible preference as to which Mickey Mouse diaper they wear) and even decided they were going to change each other....diaper and all! They were pretty cute helping each other out and it gives me great hope that since they'll be older when we finally have another baby that they'll be just as excited to help out!

They still don't like each other all the time, but what siblings do? I can't say it enough but they are growing up so fast that I can't even imagine what it'll be like just a year from now. They started going to daycare in the mornings and have loved it, which makes me so happy that they don't hate being there. They get to make fun crafts, make some friends, and it's about the only time they get out of the house since it's so cold here!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Mid-Twenties

I may be one of the few adults who love their birthday! Maybe it's something I should give up, though- they never seem to turn out the way I expect them to. Take this year, for example. I honestly didn't expect much to begin with but then Nick surprised me with a quick trip to Las Vegas since we were already in St. George for Christmas! I was so excited! A night away from the kids, in Vegas nonetheless, was going to b great! Okay, so the drive took an hour longer than it should have because of construction but we were soon at our hotel and ready to go. The hotel, itself, was great. We had stayed there the year before on our way to California so we already knew we'd like it. We walked around the hotel for a while and soon we were headed out for dinner. This brings us to the first huge disappointment. I had never had a bad meal in Vegas before so we were pretty confident we could go just about anywhere and have a great meal. Wrong! We were at a pretty nice newer hotel and I could barely swallow three bites of mine. The hotel did have an awesome aquarium, though, so that was fun. We then head back to our hotel to plan out the rest of our night. Oh the plans we had, we were in Vegas after all. Did I mention how amazing the bed was in our room? It was so amazing, in fact, that we were both out of it by about 9:30 that night. Great huh? We drive all that way and spend the $$$ to be in bed before 10pm!

We made up for it by getting up at 5am for $1 bowling.

I assure you, though, that Vegas does indeed sleep- do you see anyone else bowling at 5am?

All in all it really was an enjoyable birthday, how often do we get a night to ourselves? And I mean an entire night of uninterrupted sleep- NEVER! So thanks for the surprise Nick, I really did love it, especially since it was with you! I love you!
I am now 24 and feel both old and young. 5 years ago seems like a lifetime ago, it's amazing how much has changed in my life and everything I've gone through in that time period. I wonder if I'll feel the same way about the next 5 years. I can't imagine where my life will be by then. I hope I will continue to learn and live not only with my family but as an individual, as well. And hopefully our family will have grown some by that time! Fingers crossed! You can't so no forever Nick! Here's to birthdays!

What happened to Christmas?

Christmas, for me, is that magical day that I get totally excited for at least 6 weeks in advance. I absolutely love it and seriously don't remember EVER having a bad Christmas. Of course there were those teenage years where it was so un-cool having to spend so much time with your family and not hanging out with friends but even then I couldn't help having fun and making lasting memories. That all came to a screeching halt this year, however. Throwing up Christmas Eve and Christmas day and having Owen join me made this Christmas quite the worst way possible. So when I woke up the day after Christmas, finally feeling better, I felt pretty bummed I had missed Christmas entirely! I'm especially bummed because I don't even have many pictures to remember the good parts of the holiday! I was able to get a few on my fun new camera, though!

Jack was so sweet to his mommy and kept giving me kisses.

One of their favorite gifts was a drill just like daddy's!

Owen loves his safety glasses!