Saturday, January 05, 2008

What happened to Christmas?

Christmas, for me, is that magical day that I get totally excited for at least 6 weeks in advance. I absolutely love it and seriously don't remember EVER having a bad Christmas. Of course there were those teenage years where it was so un-cool having to spend so much time with your family and not hanging out with friends but even then I couldn't help having fun and making lasting memories. That all came to a screeching halt this year, however. Throwing up Christmas Eve and Christmas day and having Owen join me made this Christmas quite the worst way possible. So when I woke up the day after Christmas, finally feeling better, I felt pretty bummed I had missed Christmas entirely! I'm especially bummed because I don't even have many pictures to remember the good parts of the holiday! I was able to get a few on my fun new camera, though!

Jack was so sweet to his mommy and kept giving me kisses.

One of their favorite gifts was a drill just like daddy's!

Owen loves his safety glasses!

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Kim said...

That picture of Owen in this safety goggles made me laugh out loud! So cute!!!