Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fashion Advice

The other morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for work when Owen walks in.

Owen: Mommy, what are you doing to your hair?
Mom: I'm making it straight so it's not silly anymore, like an iron.
Owen: Oh! Then it'll be beautiful, like a princess!
Mom: Exactly like a princess!
Owen: But mommy? (sounding a little disgusted) Your shirt's just not cute and princesses only wear cute shirts. 

I tried not to be offended by my 4 year olds fashion advice, and to his credit if you combine the pictures below you'll get a pretty good idea of what I looked like that morning- definitely not my cutest. 

Smashmallow please?

The boys LOVE to go camping. They started asking about camping a few months ago when it was still way too cold and for a few weeks everyday I'd pick them up from daycare and they'd ask if it was time to go camping. My parents decided to take them on a little overnight trip in their camp trailer and I think that took care of their camping fix, for a  while at least. There's a little town about an hour away called Lava Hot Springs. Yup, you guessed it, there's actually a hot springs there! We love going down there but really don't seem to find the time to get there too often. So the boys got to sleep in grandma and papa's camp trailer, go swimming, play outside, and eat a whole bunch of "s'nores" (no, that is not a type-o, they refuse to believe they're really called s'mores). We probably won't get a whole lot of camping in this year with the new baby coming (I kinda hope I won't get any camping in!) so the boys are pretty dang lucky their grandparents like taking them so much!

Too late to post Easter pictures?

I think that as long as the event happened within the last 6 months I'm safe to post about it. Anytime after that I may as well wait until the holiday comes around again, right? We really did have a great easter weekend, it was one of the first really nice weekends we had here. The boys had fun finding eggs outside and eating candy all day and I had fun eating the yummy pineapple upside down cake I made! We also dyed some eggs but I had forgotten to buy eggs so we had only had 8 to dye! Oh well, I don't think they actually ever got eaten, we left them up at my parents house.