Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Little Home

Even though I'm still in the process of getting Christmas stuff up I thought I'd get some pictures posted of our new place while it's somewhat clean! The dishes in the sink are even clean! Here's the inside of our front door, pretty exciting stuff...
Here's the front room...not quite sure where to hang up our stockings though. Last year I finally bought cute hangers for them but now I have no place to put them. Overall we're pretty happy with where we are (except for the heating bills we haven't had to pay until now!) and it's kinda nice not having such a huge place to clean up!
As you can see, Owen tried to get into every picture I took, if only he would smile. Off from the front room is the dining area/kitchen and that door leads to our 5x5 ft concrete slab a.k.a. the backyard.
Not a great shot but this was taken from the front door so you can kinda see the layout of the house.
And here's Jack and Owen's "space room" that is hardly done. It's harder to make a cute room when you have to stick with stark white walls.
So there's more rooms in the house but that's the end of the clean ones :) they're not very important anyways. And even though we no longer have a guest room we have awesome couches to sleep on if anyone wants to come visit!

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Ashlee said...

Super cute! Your furniture is cute and I love your carpet. Your house looks adorable.