Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday afternoon out

We've been wanting to get some family pictures done for a while now and it's getting colder every day so we thought we'd go have a nice day out and take some finally. Not sure if they'll make the Christmas card but they're not bad! This is Owen's usual face, can you feel the love?

I think the beginning of winter in Idaho is especially ugly with nothing on the trees and all the color fading away. Maybe when we get some snow we'll get some better shots....except then we'll all be in coats and hats.

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Behunin Family said...

Okay- that picture of them hugging is SO SWEET! I love the one of Jack with his little hands on his cheeks and I totally feel the love from Owen's face. :) He and Ava would do great in a picture together (have you seen the mug shot on our blog yet?!?) I wish I had a good camera- these are great! I guess it's is the photographer, too. :)