Monday, July 14, 2008

Sum sum summertime!

With how the previous two summers have been I was beginning to lose faith that my boys would ever enjoy being in the water. Every time we'd try to get them to swim or play in the sprinklers it end in with the boys in tears and Nick and I frustrated and annoyed! What kid doesn't like the water? Once again, this year hadn't been going very well- no interest in the blow up pool I brought home for them, they lasted less than ten minutes in a three foot pool at their cousins house, and I practically had to throw them in the sprinkler out at my parents' house! The other day the girls at work were talking about the local pool being half price Monday nights and that happens to be one of the nights Nick has school and I hate being home all night trying to entertain the boys. So, I finally did it, I took them to the pool tonight and amazingly they loved it! I am so excited to know that they actually liked being in the water today and neither of them threw a fit about it! It's the funnest little wading pool for kids with a slide, squirt toys, and tire swing. You know where we'll be every Monday night!

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Ashlee said...

Yipee! Now they can come play in Grandma's pool with the girls! :)