Monday, July 14, 2008

They LOVE to talk

Lately Owen and Jack have been so funny to listen to. I absolutely love that they can talk so well and never before have I been more thankful that I have twins because I would be expected to answer a whole lot more than I have to! It's pretty funny to go through all these phases with them. They'll get set on a few different words and that's all you'll hear for a few days. Last week was awesome because suddenly they asked for everything instead of just assuming they can do whatever they want (which they're not back to doing)! "Can Owen..." Can Jack..." EVERYTHING! This week they say "actually" a lot. On the way to the pool they were talking back and forth trying to decide what color the pool was. "Actually, the pool is blue" "No, actually, it's red" "No, Owen, actually it's white". So funny, where do these things come from? Then when we got home I was in the kitchen cleaning up and they came up to me like this...

"What color are my eyes mom?" "What kind of eyes does Jack and Owen have?" They're at such a fun age where they constantly come up with all these questions that I would never think to ask them. They also have an explanation for everything. For example; we always have to drive by the hospital and look at the life flight helicopter (which tyey call the sick helicopter because we told them it helps sick people get better). Tonight on our way home from the pool it wasn't at the hospital and very matter of factly Owen says the sick helicopter was tired and went to bed and that's why we couldn't see it. It's nights like tonight that make me so grateful I get to share my life with such sweet souls. I'm so thankful to my father in heaven for being so persistent in getting them to our family. I wish we lived closer to all our family so that you could all experience these same sweet memories along with us.


Ashlee said...

Okay- I have to tell you... it only gets better! :) I LOVE listening to Ava's cute things. Also, having a sibling to talk to makes it even more hiliarous and fun to listen to. The girls talk back and forth and it's seriously funny. My favorite is when they start blaming one another. It's great. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it so much. I've just started to realize I need to enjoy these phases more and relax a little. :)

Becca said...

Kids say some funny things. I am not sure if your twins are doing this, but my mom says that when Dannon and I were little we used to talk really super fast, (I know, I know we still talk fast) and no one could understand us, but we could understand each other. My mom even says we would have conversations with each other in our sleep. Hey but whatever you do, once they reach 5 don't dress them the same, unless you are doing family pictures or something.