Thursday, December 29, 2005


Not really. There's something I've learned: there's no such thing as a vacation when you're carting along infants. It just doesn't happen. From screaming in the car to not sleeping at night, leaving town seems to be a whole lot less relaxing than just sticking around. As you can see from this first picture, the boys are extremely mobile now and keeping them away from the fireplace, out of the kitchen, and away from anything they could fit in their mouths is a full time job.

On the way home, we had to stop. Several times. But the most relaxing was dinner at Denny's in Tremonton. The boys were pretty good for that trip. It was also a good way to kill time while we waited for our food; we fed them! It was nice to get away, but it's great to be back.


BRENT&JODI said...

Thanks for coming up! We loved having all 4 of you here for a couple of days. Great Grandma Ward hasn't stopped talking about Owen and Jack. She even liked the 45 minutes she held Owen while he cried. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Mel said...

My gosh, do we know the feeling...although I'm sure with two it's more difficult. We did the same thing this year and it's nice to be done even if it was a fun trip. But so true...vacation just isn't vacation with a toddler or a couple of them. (We stopped in Tremonton too!)
The boys are REALLY cute by the way. But, you probably know that...