Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When's Halloween?

Well.....I decided to take the easy route for Halloween this year- ready made costumes! I'm so glad they love them but now they won't take them off!


Ashlee said...

SO CUTE! Ava wants that monkey! Is it from Old Navy? Liza tried on the dragon, but she seriously looked like a boy in it. :) We had to talk her into taking it off. Their costumes are awesome because they're warm and fuzzy and pretty cheap. Plus, the monkey has gloves- I really think Ava is going to be the monkey too, unless we can talk her into something else. So if you guys end up being here for Halloween, we can have 2 monkeys. :) Very cute! I'll send pics when I get Grant's costume!

Melanie said...

How funny! That's exactly what my two boys are going to be! I considered the skunk for one of them, but nope. It was the dragon and the monkey.
Cute photos! These are so fun!