Monday, February 11, 2008

No David!

For Christmas Jack and Owen's cousins gave them a couple "David" books and they've quickly became their favorite bedtime books to read. They're so funny with their books. We read the same ones over and over so many times that they can now recited most of them to us! They especially love to tell us what David's doing wrong in each of the pictures...too bad it hasn't helped them to have better behavior themselves! The other funny thing they do now is when they're playing downstairs they tell me (and each other) that they're going to David's house to play, which is usually by the front or back door. How funny is that?
Thanks Ava and Eliza for the fun books!


Behunin Family said...

Oh, I'm so glad they like them! We love David books! I especially love the drawings (seriiously, I think Ava will be doing similar ones soon!) and the easy to read pages. Horray for one liners! :)
Ava will go on and on about one page in that book- she loves the one of him pulling the cat's tail. Every time we see a cat we talk about how we don't pull it's tail. Anyway- David Shannon rocks. Enjoy!

John & Kim said...

Haha... I think we all can recite them by now! My personal favorite: "But he likes it!!" So cute!