Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back from the dead

I wish that I could say that after three full weeks of being miserably sick that we're all doing great now...but I can't. Although we're all feeling leaps and bounds better than we have been Jack was sent home from daycare today yet again. I couldn't even tell you how many days Nick and I have taken off work in the last month and it's really killing us. Today they called Nick saying Jack had been throwing up and that he couldn't be there anymore, so Nick picks him up and he's acting completely normal but sure enough a few hours later he started throwing up again. It's weird because, like I said, he's completely normal except that he's throwing up. He's been playing all day and happy like nothing was wrong, so frustrating! But amidst all of this there have been some fun things going on that I haven't been able to get up on the blog until now.

First and foremost, Owen and Jack turned 3 last week! Happy Birthday! Thank you so much to all of you who sent cards and gifts for them, they were seriously so excited about everything! Wednesday's are busy days for us just because Nick and I both work all day so we were bummed that we couldn't do a whole lot for their birthday. We woke them up that morning singing happy birthday to them with a cupcake and candles to blow out- can't you see how thrilled they were!

Once they got to the eating part they perked up quite a bit.

Nick picked them up to take them out to lunch later that day and they decided they wanted to eat hamburgers in Dad's new car (which they love) and they wanted Dad to sit in the back and them to sit in the front. They're so funny when they give such specific instructions to us. After that I got off work for a bit and we took them to their favorite park that they affectionately refer to as "barf park". (Last summer Owen got violently ill while at that park and threw up more than Nick's ever seen, so he says)

They love to climb up this rock wall and they have a really tall "super slide" that the boys like. After that it was back to work and daycare, kind of a bummer but I think they still had some fun.

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Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK AND OWEN!!!!!!! cupcakes in bed is the best present ever!! the pics are so cute!
miss you guys!