Friday, June 06, 2008

Another week another adventure

We haven't done a whole lot this last week, it's been pouring most of the week. We did take the boys mini-golfing the other day, though. Nick found a fun little place with an indoor play place, arcade games, and mini-golf. I think the boys liked it pretty well but they got bored after a while. It was a cool course, though, it was really dark with lots of neon glow-in-the-dark paint everywhere.

The highlight of Jack and Owen's week was getting an awesome package from non other than Grandma Ned! They think they're so cool wearing their Batman shirts! True, they're a little bit big but they don't seem to mind one bit!

The highlight of my week? Haircuts for the boys! First of all, I just adore those little boys with the longer "beach boy" hair, but of course my boys have such fine straight hair they just look homely with long hair. So sad. I still hope to one day have a little boy with curly locks! Second, I'm not into the super short buzz cut look either, but after cutting, and cutting, and trimming, and fixing, and fixing again....that's what I ended up with! Ahhh! This is why I'm in such need of a trip to Oregon! You promised to teach me Ashlee!


Ashlee Scherer said...

I promised to teach you what? how to cut hair? I think you meant Kami. Did you ever see Bret the one and only time he let me cut his hair.

Nick & Kara said...

My sister is also Ashlee. She cuts hair for a living. -Nick

Ashlee Scherer said...

oh I don't usually see that spelling. No I get it.

Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

Hey guess what?!?! We are going to be apartment managers. We just found out that we were offered the position!!! Any advice??