Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More interesting than rocks

Owen stopped throwing rocks for a minute because, "I want to watch the sun go to bed."


Nedra said...

Watching the sun go to bed is about as cute as it get's isn't it?
Maybe they should go to bed like the sun does!!!
Love their shelf and all that goes with it!
Grandma Ned :)

Ashlee said...

That's the cutest thing EVER!

How is bedtime going, by the way?

Heather Johnson said...

I love Owen.

Andy & Terra said...

That is just adorable. (The room and the sun going to bed). Aren't kids great? And tell Grandma Ned she has the best name ever. We have a down-syndrome neighbor who has been convinced for four years that MY name is Nedra. Now everyone calls me that. We're thinking about naming our next daughter Nedra. It really is a GREAT name!