Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The US Capitol Building

It's pretty dang impressive standing on Capitol grounds, it's an amazing building.

Here's Kara, looking fab, right before the tour. The statue in the background is Lady Liberty, the same statue that is on the top of the outside of the building.

Nick and Kara outside the Capitol after the tour. It was such a beautiful day, great for pictures. 

This is inside the Capitol and it's called the Crypt. It was built to bury George Washington in but he died before it was ever finished, he was instead buried at his home at Mt. Vernon. 

This "compass" is where the four zip codes of DC intersect, it's also where the President Elects' sign papers for their Inaguration. 

Kara, Keara, and Jayme standing on the "compass".

This is the inside of the copper rotunda; it's absolutely amazing. There's a whole explanation to the painting on the ceiling but do you think I actually remember it? I just know George Washington is up there somewhere. 

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