Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brush your teeth brush your teeth...

I've got to admit that one of our pitfalls in parenting is brushing teeth. Bedtime with the boys use to be so hectic and long and frustrating that we never got into a good routine with brushing teeth. So, now we find it quite hard to keep up on it and most of the time it's such a fight. I've really been trying to establish the routine, especially at night and it seems to be getting a little easier except that they always want to do it without any help, which consists of them basically sucking the water and toothpaste off their toothbrush and saying they're done. We're working on it, though. I was super excited today when I picked them up from daycare (and so were they!) because they ran up to me with these bags full of dental care stuff they got because a dentist came in to talk to all the kids. They got a new toothbrush, some toothpaste, kids flossers, and (my favorite) some of those little pink pills you chew to find out where to brush your teeth more! I've actually never tried one myself but I knew the boys would think they were pretty cool, and I was right! Tonight they were so excited to do the whole routine and were very good about me helping them get all the pink off their teeth. I am trying to remind myself of all the other things that seemed to take so long to teach the boys and remember that eventually it clicked with them and this will too, in time. Hooray for a good night!


Ashlee said...

Ugh, teeth brushing is just one more thing at night. I do hate to admit, but we've missed a few nights ourselves. I actually have to hang Grant upside down so I can reach his! Love Jack's PJ's... Grant has the same pair and LOVES them!

Good job, boys- keep up the brushing!

Nedra said...

There is the best song ever out there that will make them want to brush their teeth!!! Bet Nick remembers it!
Those pink pills are the best!!!
Love you!