Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Last week was rough, to which I can thank all three of my children. Leyla's not the type of baby who will willingly fall asleep on her own whenever she's tired. She's more of a bundled, rocked, shushed, jiggled, bounced, walked, paci in place kind of baby....and sometimes it just doesn't work! As for my boys, they just refuse to obey. They know exactly what they're doing wrong, they'll tell you! They just don't want to obey the rules because "they don't want to". Seriously, how do you teach obedience? To willingly obey not just because that's what's expected of you but because it's the right thing to do? The boys are back to needing almost constant supervision and that's been hard with Leyla being so needy, as well.

So, Sunday I was super sick and Nick did a great job of taking care of everyone, it was actually a pretty relaxing day (except for the being super sick part, I even fainted- a first for me). Monday was probably the worst day I've had since staying home with all the kids. I couldn't even count how many times both the boys were in time out, they probably sat on their beds or against a wall more than they did anything else the whole day. They even went to bed an entire hour early because I was just done with it. I feel ashamed to say it but I just wanted to give up on them yesterday. I didn't want to try anymore; just give in and admit my failure. Leyla had quite the day, herself. The morning wasn't too bad but between noon and 8pm she had slept maybe 20 minutes.
Guess what she was doing the majority of the time?

Still love her.

On to today, my baby is 4 weeks old, yay! Look what she's doing...

And look what my boys are doing...

They've only been in time out ONCE and it's already 2pm! WooHoo! Oh yeah, I'm totally into letting them dress themselves, does that explain what they're wearing? I should make it easier on them (or maybe me :) and take out all their non summer clothes and stick with t-shirts and jeans that all match...but I don't. What's really hard is they don't even wear the same size of clothes anymore, super annoying with twins! We're going to have to get them separate drawers here soon so that Jack doesn't put on Owen's pants anymore and have them end rght at his shins.

So, yeah, pretty happy day. We even walked to the park for free lunch today and now that it's after 2 I think Happy Hour at Sonic is calling our names! Hope you all have a happy day, too!

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