Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

And we're not even in Oregon!

I heart Oregon, big time, and this time of year always makes me yearn to be there! I think pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms are among the best things ever. It's just not the same going to Fred Meyer and digging through the giant cardboard boxes searching for those perfect pumpkins. Aunt Kenzie came to visit us for the weekend and we decided to search for somewhere more thrilling than Fred Meyer for some pumpkins. The boys are going on a little field trip in a couple weeks to a little farm so we thought we'd check that place out first. This 10 minute drive ended up being double that because we just didn't quite know where we were going. Once we found it Nick just drove right on by, not giving it a second look. It was a pretty sad little farm and it made me pretty sad thinking that it might be as good as it gets here. Nick had heard of another place about 30 more minutes away so, on we drove. Again, we really didn't know where we were going so we stopped at a gas station to ask around. No one seemed to know of anywhere to go except for one super nice guy who thought he saw a sign for pumpkins that very morning. Yay! He said he was headed that way and that we could follow him out there so, on we drove. Another 10 minutes of driving and we arrive to a little country house with pumpkins no where in sight. I guess it was just other produce a family grew and sold on their farm. Dang it. Feeling desperate, I call my dad to ask if he knew of anywhere we could go. He asks around his work and calls back about a little Red Barn that does pumpkins. By this time the boys were snoozin'

and the rest of us wished we were, but it was only another 30 minutes away so, on we drove.

Oh the pumpkins! The beautiful orange pumkins, green pumpkins, the cute gords, the kiddie straw maze- I loved it! And for a short while I was in Oregon...right here in Idaho.

Here's our loot back at home, and check out my bats!. I need a bail of straw to put them on (and the star needs to go) and I could definitely make another trip to the little Red Barn, I didn't even think about the inside of my house!


Ashlee said...

A few more minutes of driving and you WOULD have been in Oregon! :)

We've only been to one pumpkin patch this year. Wish you were closer to motivate me a little more! So glad you found one- it really is a fun thing! Enjoy them, they look like great big colorful ones!

Nedra said...

I didn't see this part of your post when I read it the other day! I love this time of year as well and I go to as many pumpkin patches as I can talk the kids into going with me! I did that to my own kids and now the grand kids! You can NEVER go to too many pumpkin patches!!! I so, so wish you were here!
Love you all............