Saturday, April 10, 2010

It never really occurred to me that anyone would want to attend this graduation. But here's the info if you'd like to come (just got it today from the timely university).
Idaho State University
Commencement Information
Saturday, 8 May 2010
10:00 AM
Holt Arena

Tickets are not required, but seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Parking is available on the north side of Holt Arena, located at 15h Avenue and Memorial Drive.
Also, I hear this is really long so charge up your phone so you can play games or bring your iPod or do whatever you do to kill time. The boys have already begun mocking me about wearing a dress.


Nedra said...

I'm coming! I'm proud of you. .when you were little, I got mad at you for wanting to wear a dress, now I'm excited that you are!! Tell the boys it's the cool thing to do and they better do it too!!!
I Love You!

Ashlee said...

Wish we could be there! It's a great accomplishment, congrats to you all! (I know Nick did the homework, but I've lived with a student and so I know you all deserve congrats and have a reason to celebrate!)
Hope it's a memorable day. I'd say take lots of pics, but I know mom is going.... so you're covered.