Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny didn't come this morning. Were the kids sad and disappointed? No. I'm not sure the kids have ever thought about the Easter Bunny stopping by, they've certainly never talked about it before. He never came when I was growing up, either, but I was certainly never disappointed waking up Easter morning to whatever cute Easter package my mom set out for me. Honestly, I had never given much thought about the Easter Bunny. He's been all over Utah the last few week, though. In the malls with lines of kids waiting to see him and ask him for special gifts. I had no idea this was such a big thing, almost like Christmas! Like my mom, I do get the kids some special things for Easter. It's fun. The kids get so excited about any kind of little thing they get, and then proceed tell me over and over how I'm the best mom ever. Who wouldn't love that? I know that gifts and candy aren't what Easter is all about but I don't think they have to detract from the real meaning. Nick and I teach the 7/8 year old kids in Primary. We've never been in Primary before and I can honestly say it was easier teaching Relief Society than this! This last week I started looking around for a cute Easter treat to bring to class. I asked online for some suggestions and I was somewhat shocked by some of the responses. I was told it would be a shame to bring secular things into church especially on Easter Sunday and how sad it was that I would give the kids something that would turn their attention away from Christ. I know I'm new to this Primary thing and maybe I'm a horrible teacher but I certainly didn't see the harm in bringing something. Is there any 7 year old that spends all of Easter Sunday thinking about Jesus? Or any Sunday, for that matter? Is a fun surprise at church really going to ruin the sacredness of Easter Sunday? I often bring gummy bears to bribe them to be good during class and, still, I often wish I could walk out of class. It's been a hard calling. 

We colored eggs today after church. It was sad to get out all those jars, it just reminded me that I'm out of jam and I hate buying jam at the store. Sad. But the eggs turned out great, partly due to a new little trick I learned! Baked, not boiled. We've tried so many different ways to boil eggs to have them peel nicely and we have never been successful. I baked a few last night to give it a try and have not had trouble peeling a single egg, it's pretty exciting!

It's been a good day but it's also been a long week. It was spring break for the boys and we played a lot and stayed up late a lot and now it's time to go back to school tomorrow and mom is super excited about that :)


Ashlee said...

Baking eggs, huh? I'm gonna need to hear about this!

Okay- I know I'm not as spiritual as some... but I don't see the big deal bringing something to primary for Easter. And I'm in the Primary Presidency! Heck, I bought my visiting teaching people a bag of candy and left it with a note and counted that as done for the month! Of course Easter isn't about secular things, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the true meaning and still enjoy some treats along the way. People get so intense about things.

The Easter bunny came here. It was a mess and I spent way too much. And by the end of church, Ava had ripped a hole in her new dress (my bad, I put a safety pin in it) so honestly, you're a smart mom.

You should make more jam. I used frozen berries last time and it was delicious! I can't eat store bought jam. :)

Miss you guys!

Brent said...

You're such a great mom! And a great primary teacher! I would use duck tape to keep the kids quiet!! -Dad

Nedra said...

I'm with your dad!
Love you Kara....I think your perfect!!