Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Happening

I have two handsome boys who are pretty dang excited about getting baptized. I'm having a little trouble coming to grip with the fact I even have children old enough to get baptized. These two little guys made me a mom and what a roller coaster ride it's been ever since. It's amazing how much they amaze and challenge me every single day. Being a mom is certainly a trip, I wouldn't want to imagine a life without these two. I hope I can do them right by being everything they need and teaching them to be good, honest, loyal young men. They are quite dear to me and I am deeply proud to call them mine. 


Heatha said...

That's such a cute invite! And they look so handsome! I wish I could come!

Don said...

A couple of more handsome boys I can't imagine. Congratulations to them and their parents. A roller coaster I'm sure its been.