Monday, September 01, 2014

Summer 2014 Reading Program

Today the third summer reading program came to a close.  The terms this time around were for the boys to read at least 10,000 pages for $100, beginning after the last day of school and ending before the first day of the next year (tomorrow).  For every 100 subsequent pages, they'd receive another dollar. There's also a stipulation that each book must contain at least 100 pages and excessive pictures disqualifies them.  Each book was also subject to a three-question quiz, where three correct answers were required, and three incorrect answers disqualified the book.  For a quiz, I would randomly choose a page and read some text aloud, omitting a key name and having them fill in the blank, or I'd ask a question like, "What was John's dog's name?"

Owen took the lead, finishing up with 12,174 pages read for $121.  That's 70 books.  28 of them were Fear Street or Goosebumps.  Owen's longest book was The Adventures of Indiana Jones that was like a book made after the first three films.  It had 602 pages and he was intimately familiar with Short Round, described what happened when one opens the Ark of the Covenant, and told me all about the Holy Grail.

Jack also met the requirements, reading 10,971 pages for $109.  This was 61 books.  He also is an R.L. Stine fan.  His biggest book was an elementary school reading textbook with probably 30 stories in it.  It had 709 pages.  He read it in one morning.

Both boys really liked the 39 Clues series.

And we blew a bunch of money at the candy store today.

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