Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earth!, Updated

I was premature in posting a picture last night. I was just so glad to get the wallpapering aspect complete. Anyway here's the project finished. Except we'll probably put a coat of polyurethane on the frame right before we leave town next.

I also came to understand that I made a big mistake in this project. I took out a wall outlet (so the map would be flush) and falsely believed I was okay to just clip the wires and wrap the loose ends in electrical tape to be safe. What I didn't realize was that, like a string of old Christmas lights, this outlet was part of a line of outlets. So when I clipped those wires, I broke the circuit, and now the fixture and outlet in the next room don't work. To correct this, I've got to wire the whole room over again or reconnect those loose ends from the outlet. And to do that I'll have to go through the wall, behind the map. So I'm going to try and bust open the box from the other side in the pink room, cause, well, we're going to repaint that room anyway so who cares if I have to do some wall repair there.

Anyway we're talking about a length-of-the-room long strip of corkboard for the wall opposite this one. We'll see what we decide. Other projects in the meantime.


nancyandthelittleman said...

That is so cool I am sure it took so long, way to go Mother of the Year!

Ashlee said...

Looks awesome!!!