Friday, April 25, 2008


We are midway through Project #2 in the boys' room. Earth. (Picture is blurry because it's 11:30PM and the room is dark and the boys are asleep; the camera flashed but didn't focus). This map is about ten feet wide by a little over six feet tall. Came in three panels. There were lots of "little jobs" that had to be done to get it up. Removing a socket, filling the hole where it was at, applying primer, and then lining up each panel perfectly. Also measuring and marking where everything was supposed to go. It should have been simple math but turned out to get a little more complicated.

The next step is to put a frame around the edges (mostly to keep the boys from picking it off the wall). Then we'll paint the remainder of the wall. Green. Then we'll be done with the project. Next up (not necessarily in this order)-- an electric train set that circles the room (maybe tunnels through into the next? Not sure yet), a touchscreen built into the wall (Sesame Street's website has educational games), and who knows what we'll do with the other walls. We've toyed with a few ideas. Suggestions welcome.
Also, the boys have the planets all memorized now.

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Todd & Nedra Blog said...

Oh my gosh...I just love it! It is so cool, nice work. You are going to have the smartest little 3 year old boys in the world!!!!
I'm very proud of you and excited as well...have them call me and tell me all about their map of the world on their wall!