Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Helpers

We never take the cans downstairs to the pantry.  The boys always do it, and they love to help.  Here's a fine example of the results. (EDIT: These were undented cans prior to the boys taking them downstairs).


Ashlee said...

Love it.

Don't things like that just make you smile? I love that they're so willing to help and they're stacked so nicely! Great job, boys!

Nedra said...

I'm sure they are so proud of their work! They should be....I love little helpers like that!

Cam said...

Nick and Kara, I glanced at the picture before reading the whole post, when the cans looked fine. thoughtthat was cute the boys would stack them for you like that. Then i finished reading the post, and looked at the picture on full screen. I couldn't help but laugh at all the dents! How do they manage to do that much damage?