Friday, October 03, 2008

Shout Out to Ashlee!

For all of you who may not know, my amazing sister-in-law Ashlee is having a big birthday today! I've only know her for a little over four years now but she has undoubtedly been a great blessing in my life. She's been through quite a bit in her young life and has helped me get through a few trying times of my own. Although she's only done my hair once (it's not like I'm around much for her to do it!) she's a very talented hairdresser, I also know that she seems to always be doing fun things for friends and family members, helping them out however she can, and she remembers everything! We always get birthday and anniversary wishes as I'm sure you all do, too from her. More than anything else, though, she's an incredible mom; definitely someone I will always look to for guidance and inspiration in motherhood. Her happy kids and husband will attest to that! She's the kind of person that seems to have everything put together but is able to remain "real" and doesn't act like life is always perfect. I've grown to admire her so much and love her like a sister. I wish we lived closer, especially when there's bowling birthday parties with cake!

Ashlee, I hope your birthday has been great, that your party's a blast, and that you look forward to each new year of life!
Happy Birthday!


Behunin Family said...

Ah, that was for sure the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a VERY long time! Thank you so much!
I teared up! I sure wish you guys were closer. Especially when we do anything fun, know you are truly missed and with us always in spirit. Give the boys a love for me and we can celebrate your birthday early with bowling and cake if you come in Nov. Hey, reason enough, right?!?
Thanks again for the sweet message. Love, Ash

Nedra said...

Man oh man....what a nice message that was for Ashlee! It's true, she is a good kid, mother, wife, friend, sister and everything else. She is a great example to many of us and SO ARE YOU KARA! We love you with all our heart and wish more than you do that you were closer!!! You are totally all those things too~
I love you,
Ned ~ Mom ~ Mother in law (I hate that term!)