Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

We had a great Christmas this year. Just about anything was going to be better than last year when Owen and I were hanging over a bowl with the flu all day! But it really was a fun, relaxing, great day. And to prove it, I'll even post bad pictures of myself, well maybe just one! Here's us all in our pj's Christmas Eve. My parents were with us and Jack & Owen were thrilled to have grandma and papa stay the night with us.

The boys basically got the same things, it wasn't much but I was happy that they liked their gifts so much. I keep wondering how many more years we can get away with buying them the same things. When will they grow to be different enough that they'll be asking for completely different things for Christmas?

They were excited about every little thing stuffed inside their stockings- even the toy cars they already had down in their toy box that we threw in just to have something else!

Such sweet boys.

And all they kept asking to do was open another present! Something about being allowed to tear something open just lights up their faces! Sometimes it also brings frustration when mom uses too much tape and they can't find anywhere to start from, woops!

None of us really got a Christmas nap but we wanted to make extra sure that we wore out the boys enough for a good sleep tonight so we took them sledding with all their new snow clothes and sleds they got from Grandma & Papa Ward. We kept waiting to go throughout the day thinking it would soon stop snowing and as you can see we gave up because there was, and still is, no end in sight! We all had a blast sledding, which is great because the snow's not going anywhere and we've got to get out of the house to do something!

We hope you all had as great of a day as we did. Enjoy the rest of 2008
and get ready to ring in the new year!

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