Monday, September 14, 2009

Typical Night

For the longest time we really struggled with bedtime. The boys would never stay in their beds, there'd be screaming, crying (and not always just from the kids) and it would seriously take us a couple hours of fighting with them before they'd finally go to sleep. It's drastically different now. Promise them a couple books before bed and everything goes as smoothly as possible, even the three nights when Nick has night school and I'm home alone with the kids. After a shower they'll get themselves dressed, we have them finish picking up any toys, brush teeth, say prayer, read books, and they jump right in bed! Usually the only real fight is who gets to sleep on the bottom bed, odd how neither of them ever wants to sleep on top. So here's a few shots of a now typical night in our house.

Even dad is smiling!

Don't mind the spots of spit up. Leyla hasn't been feeling good for a couple days and is continually spitting up. Poor girl.

Remember I said the boys dress themselves at night? We are almost in desperate need of jammies. We're down to odds and ends and stuff too small. I've been waiting for it to get colder because all the jammies at the stores are winter ones and would be way too hot right now. Soon though.

Owen is always asking to hold Leyla, then almost immediately starts complaining how heavy and big she is for him.

He also loves to read to her. Owen is much more attached to Leyla than Jack is. I think most times Jack asks to help with Leyla just because Owen does and he feels neglected from Owen. See, they don't care much that mommy can't spend as much time with them, they care when their brother isn't paying as much attention!

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Ashlee said...

Well look who caught up on the blogging world!

I can't believe how big Leyla looks! WOW! Sad how fast they grow. I love that they're such good helpers- it gives me hope! Ava says she's only helping if it's a boy... which is probably true.

I'm so glad to hear bedtime is going better at your house! It's mildly better here, but we've started staggering bedtime so they're not in there at the same time. It's super time consuming but seems to help. Isn't showering and dressing themselves SUCH a huge step? It's great!

Thanks for all the updated pics!