Friday, January 08, 2010

Pebble Creek

On Monday we went skiing. The week before we had driven up to the resort to watch people ski, and Jack was thrilled with the prospect of going. So we decided on Monday Dad would go with Jack (Owen wanted to stay home and play with Mom).

So I woke up that morning to find Jack bundled up and ready to go. The equipment rental store wasn't open for another two hours, and every five minutes Jack asked, "Are you ready to go skiing yet Daddy?" We were mildly annoyed that the only kids' skis they had were pink skis. But finally we went, and here's a representative video of how Jack liked it.

It took us about two hours to make it all the way down. And the last half of that was Jack crying. But, in fairness to Jack, it wasn't all bad. He got hot chocolate at the lodge.
But we had an all day pass, and Jack was done before noon, so we drove home, picked up the rest of the family, and headed back up. Owen decided he wanted a turn, while Kara, Jack, and Leyla hung out in the lodge. Owen's experience was a little bit different.

Neither of the boys would use the snowplow/pizza technique. They both just figured the easiest way to slow down was to fall over.


Jolena said...

This is priceless! I love how they react so differently to skiing. That is just so fun.

Nedra said...

Don't ever, ever loose those video clips!!!
It makes me want to go with you..I just love that!
What a good dad you are, really... to even agree to pink ski's!
love you guys!

Ashlee said...

The only time I've been skiing I ended up sitting in the snow most of the time. Hated it and don't ever feel the need to try it again. Jack, the lodge and the hot chocolate is the best part buddy. He's a smart boy.

Makenzie said...

Oh my gosh! That video of Owen was so awesome! I just watched it twice for good measure and all my roommates and I were cracking up! Keep those forever.