Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Come & Gone

Well, we survived Christmas. It really was great this year. We rented a cabin in Island Park for the weekend, where we knew we'd be in for a white Christmas. It was great driving from green grass and jackets in Poky to 4 feet of snow and parkas up in the mountains. I must say I have never packed our car as full as I did for that trip, it's hard to pack up Christmas and travel! Our first night there, Christmas Eve, ended up being such an awful night. We stayed up until 1 am putting together the boys' train set and since Leyla simply hates sleeping anywhere but her crib she was up with us. She then woke up around 2 am, screamed for literally an hour, then was up until 5am playing. Everyone decided that Christmas needed to start at 7 am so that nap was short lived! Everyone really enjoyed their gifts, and each other, though so it turned out to be a great day. Every single present Jack opened he exclaimed, "It's just what I always wanted!" even though all he would ask for was a yellow remote control plane (which he did not get). They all got pillow pets this year. We first bought them out of desperation because we didn't have a clue what to get any of them this year. Shortly before Christmas the boys saw them at Fred Meyer and started making all sorts of plans on how to make money to buy them themselves, it was cute. Leyla even loves hers, she's slept with it every night since. Nick was sneaky with my favorite present, some Ugg boots. He kept making comments that made me believe they would be the last thing he'd ever buy me as a gift. I had been pretty excited to give Nick's present to him, I got him a years membership to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake, I think he is pretty excited about it, too.
I hope everyone else was able to enjoy Christmas as much as we did. But alas, it's come and gone and it's back to school for us all.


Ashlee said...

Hold on. Is that baby Leyla? Seriously?!? She looks huge. And is that other baby Jessie's? Didn't she JUST have a baby? Wow. I'm getting old.
I'm so glad the kids liked their Christmas. I love it at this age, it's so magical! I got uggs, too (fake ones, but I love them nonetheless.)warm feet are awesome.

Hope we can get together soon. Maybe Spring Break?

Olivia said...

Those such cute pics of the boys! :) I can't believe how big they are Nick! Happy New Year to y'all!