Thursday, November 24, 2005

Our boys

Daddy is watching the boys today, as Mom has to work. I put them in their high chairs and fed them a jar and a half of food (oatmeal with pears and apple-strawberry) and then turned them towards the TV so I could jump in the shower. When I turned the shower off, Owen was slumped over, just sleeping in his seat, and Jack was screaming. That's one huge advantage to having twins I've noticed-- they get so used to each other that one can sleep when the other is two feet away and being loud enough to wake the neighbors. Anyhow, they are good boys. We love them. Here's a recent picture of them. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Behunin Family said...

They are getting so big! We miss you guys! We're still crossing our fingers that the boys can come play with our girls for Christmas! Ava needs her cousins to annoy so she can give poor Eliza a rest! :) Hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving! See ya, Ash