Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Nick here. Some of you may know, that over the last couple of years I've had a pretty serious interest in photography. Getting a digital camera last year has helped tremendously. We've taken over 2200 pictures. Well, I would like to get more serious. I've already started by beginning the application process for istockphoto.com. It's a buy-and-sell website for photographers. It's fairly serious: you have to pass a quiz and then submit three pictures for review by the judges to see if your pictures are good enough. I've sent in two, not sure which of my pictures, if any, are good enough for the third. Anyhow, I'm thinking about making another blog with just picture submissions from me (and Kara-- she actually helps a lot), and you guys can comment on them, let me know what you like and don't like, any suggestions, etc. The picture you see with this article is one I sent my mom. I wasn't thrilled with it by any means, but one of her coworkers actually contacted me for permission to use it for something. Hope it isn't some sort of, "suckiest picture of the year," contest. Okay feel free to comment.


Behunin Family said...

I like it- I think it's cool! Who wanted to use it? Did you make 'em pay up? :)

Let us know if you do make a blog just for photos- I also love photography, although at this point it's just more of an appreciation for it. ;) But you took our best family photo yet! So, keep up the good work!

Post the other 2 pictures you liked!

Nick & Kara said...

His name is Vince, no I didn't make hime pay. I have a blog set up for photos but only two pictures on it so far. Somehow, I lost a bunch of pictures I had taken. I plan on taking more pictures this weekend, hopefully I will like at least one of them.

The Brian Behunin Family said...

Hey Nick! Nice picture. Here is my 2 cents... crop the picture so that you only see the tops of the trees and the base of the trees. The top of the big pine tree in the background is kind of distracting. The foreground makes it look like you took the shot from the side of the road and if you take it out, it will bring the viewer into the picture more. Then increase the brightness and contrast. Lastly I would either add more purple into the shot or take it out completely so that it looks more natural. Otherwise, it makes it seem like the exposure wasn't quite right. It's a good picture though. I admire your zeal in taking photos... as much as I like to take photos, I don't make the time for it. Keep it up!

Nick & Kara said...

Hey Brian. I think it's funny you mentioned that stuff, because I thought the exact same thing when looking at it (except for the color). I took the picture and then couldn't modify it to my liking, so instead I asked my mom what her favorite color was, she said purple, I spent ten seconds adjusting the color, and sent it off as wallpaper; hence, the no cropping. It fit the screen perfectly as it was.