Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well I thought I already did a first post and uploaded a picture, but I can't seem to find it. So this is like the first post the second time. Here's us from a couple weeks ago on Squaw Peak. It was really cold outside and 30 yards from us a bunch of teenagers got busted for making dry ice bombs. Before the cop showed up, I thought about telling them one of the missionaries in my mission lost half his fingers playing with bombs, but then I figured that as college students, they should have known better. The coolest statement from the one kid, to the cop who came and ticketed them all, was, "This isn't illegal in Arizona where I'm from."

You've just got to wonder how stupid some people really are.

Anyway, for this picture we set up the tripod and we'd toss blankets off the boys and out of the picture for just a few seconds so they wouldn't freeze.


Polar Bear said...

That's a cool picture.

Behunin Family said...

Very cool picture... Jack and Owen look super cute! :)
Hope to see you guys for Christmas! We miss ya- Ash

Crystal said...

Hey Kara Jo remember that time we were making dry ice bombs at that scout thing junior year of high school? Nick's story reminded me of that. That was the night I was pulled over for going 67 in a 50 remember? Hope you guys are doing well. I miss you!